COVID-19 Safety

Safety Procedures:

1.) We will practice social/physical distancing in our salon and spa space. We
will also practice social/physical distancing at our shampoo bowls, and seating

2.) Guests will be asked safety questions when booking:
a. Have you been ill?
b. Have you been around anyone ill?
c. Do you or have you had a fever.

3.) Face masks will be worn by guests while in the salon/spa (we kindly ask you to bring with a disposable mask especially for color services, if you do not have a mask available Von Kekel will provide a mask for you). All staff will be wearing masks. Additionally, service providers will wear face masks while working with guests.

4.) We will be asking all guests to hold appointments with credit cards. Cancellations without 48 hours notice or no-shows will be charged up to the full price of their service.

5.) Cleaning and sanitizing will be performed between guests (stations, chairs,
shampoo chairs etc.). All staff will be cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day.

6.) All staff and guests will refrain from any additional physical touching (i.e.
hugging, shaking hands, etc.).